Since 2004, upholstery and more

The company was founded in 2004 and initially focused on (wooden) floors. Through pure entrepreneurship and an extensive network in the maritime industry, the projects expanded to include flooring on ships. Soon, these maritime projects were extended to include upholstery and more.

In 2017, the company outgrew its space in Bantega and moved to its current location in Lemmer. With a large workshop, warehouse and showroom, this location provides the space to tackle larger projects.

What we do: in motion

The largest project we’ve had the privilege to realize is the complete refit of three matching river cruise ships. This process has been beautifully documented on film, showcasing all the possibilities our company offers.

Globally operating, Frisian roots

We aim to offer a suitable, beautiful interior to everyone, from home or sailing boat owners to shipping companies with multiple vessels. This is possible because we work with a small core team that can scale up to over 150 people.

In our work, we are always driven by a healthy dose of (Frisian) down-to-earthness, flexibility, and creativity.

Focus on future and people

If we want to enjoy the world in the future as we do now, we must take it into account today. That’s why we do our part during our operations.

Of course, we separate our waste, but we also ensure that new materials are, wherever possible, made from sustainably produced, recycled, and/or recyclable materials.

When ships are due for a refit, the furniture is far from “finished.” We make sure it gets a new purpose, for example, for another project with a smaller budget, with or without reupholstering, or we donate it to charities.

We work as much as possible with local businesses to minimize the distance traveled. Our nautical beds, for example, come from Friesland, and our mattresses are produced in the Netherlands. Additionally, we have our own docks right next to our door in Lemmer for work on ships.